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Nicotine Dependence Center

201 Building

Ste. 20

200 First Street SW

Rochester, MN 55905

Tel: 507-266-1093

Our office hours are 7am-4pm CDT Monday - Thursday.

Faculty and Staff

Bowman, Alyssa D.

Burden, Jennifer M. Ph.D.


Cuabo, Allison R.

Dallavalle, Barbara, M.A., C.T.T.S.

Ebbert, Jon O. M.D.

Professor of Medicine


Hemann, Judy K.

Kraling-Coons, Heather L., M.A., C.T.T.S.



Leis, Molly J., C.T.T.S., L.P.C.C.



Manickam, Dhivyaa A., M.A.



Milbrandt, Timothy J., M.S., C.T.T.S.

Zarling, Kathy K. M.S., C.T.T.S.




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