Below is a list of four mandatory requirements to become a Mayo Clinic Certified Tobacco Treatment Specialist:

  • Minimum academic requirement: Associate degree in any field.  
  • Completion of both the online and the live training
  • Pass the Mayo Clinic Certification Examination
    • Must score at least an 80%. 
    • Participants must take the certification exam within 14 days after the last day of the live training.  
    • Upon successfully passing the exam, a Certificate of Completion will be provided to the participant. This document is available on the Mayo Certification website. 
  • Submit 240 practice hours. These are hours that must be acquired within 2 years after participants have successfully completed the course. 

Certification renewal:
A TTS certificate will be valid for two years. After successful completion of the course and passing score of the exam (allow 2 weeks for grading) access to the certification database will be available:  https://certification.ndceducation.mayo.edu/

  • Renewal of the Certification will require documentation of 18 Continuing Education Hours (CEH) or Continuing Medical Education (CME) credits granted by an accredited organization over two years. 
  • Documentation of continuing education hours must be a certificate of attendance that includes:
    • Participant name
    • Number of hours attended
    • Title of the presentation
    • Name of the speaker, date of the presentation, and signature of the course director. 
    • Hours claimed that are part of a longer course or a course unrelated to tobacco use and dependence, please include a copy of the program agenda indicating the presentations for which you are seeking credit hours.
  • Once you submit for recertification, please wait to review an email confirming that your credits have been approved. You will then be prompted to pay the $35 (Nonrefundable) renewal fee.

Continuing education hours approved as follows:  

  • Tobacco-focused courses - 100%
  • Non-tobacco motivational interviewing - 50%
  • General addiction or addiction courses specific to an area other than tobacco - 50%
  • Attendance at Mayo Clinic Nicotine Dependence Center Annual Conference - 100%
  • Health Behavior/Wellness/Prevention and Public Health Courses - 50% (These would include control/prevention/public health workshops)
  • Courses that don't fall under these categories will not be approved for credit - 0 %
  • Tobacco-focused college courses
    • 1 credit = 12 CEH
    • 2 credit = 24 CEH
    • 3 credit = 36 CEH
    • 4 credit = 48 CEH 

National Certification:

Individuals who complete the Mayo Tobacco Treatment Specialist training have the option to pursue national certification. For more information, please visit their website below:

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